01 March 2015

Visual Merchandising mobile software and data collection App

What is Retail Merchandising Software?

Retail merchandising software is a tool which companies can use to control their merchandising activities. It enables scheduling retail merchandising inspections and real-time monitoring of merchandising activities.

The Benefits of Adopting Retail Merchandising Software.

Retail merchandising software is effective, easy-to-use business application, that help retailers manage all the merchandising activities in a new innovative way. Merchandisers perform regular retail visits to help consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock. Merchandising software gives merchandisers easy access to all merchandising and sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities.

Selecting the Best Retail Merchandising Software.

VisitBasis all-in-one merchandising solution that helps companies to control merchandise and collect business data. The VisitBasis Merchandising App allows your merchandisers and field reps to perform merchandising inspections using their mobile device. VisitBasis merchandising software gives you all the functionality you need to schedule, order, price, distribute and analyze merchandise for maximum cost-effectiveness. The VisitBasis App works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets. There is no limit on the number of devices each user can carry, so your merchandisers can bring their own devices and be more effective. They will save time on training by using the devices that they already know and you save on hardware costs.

The VisitBasis Retail Merchandising Software Features

  • Unlimited Users/Devices
  • Visit Scheduling
  • Territory/Route Optimization
  • E-Catalog and Order Taking/Price Lists, Bar Code Scanner
  • CRM and Promotion Management
  • Surveys/Audits/Checklists
  • Mobile Data Collection and Reporting
  • GPS/Time Stamped Data
  • Real Time Merchandising Activities Monitoring

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Merchandising solution and field reps activities automation.

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