Mobile retail execution

One of the best ways to improve efficiency is to stop juggling multiple apps when running your business. With VisitBasis mobile retail execution app you can say goodbye to chaos of paper forms and hello to streamlined data workflow.

9 Reasons to Opt for VisitBasis mobile retail execution app

1. The VisitBasis mobile retail execution app was designed by retail professionals specifically for CPG and FMCG companies, who rely on mobile workforce and need a simple and easy-to-use retail data collection system.

2. With the VisitBasis mobile retail execution program you get everything you need for successful sales management and your field sales reps have all the necessary tools for successful selling literally at their fingertips.

3. Implementing VisitBasis mobile retail execution app is a smart investment because can stop paying for a bunch of business apps and enjoy a simple and easy-to-use all-in-one solution.

4. Using the VisitBasis mobile retail execution app for order taking, your field reps are always able to view previous orders and returns, identify past out-of-stock patterns to get data-driven insights for the next orders.

5. The VisitBasis mobile retail execution software allows you to keep abreast of all kinds of activities in the field, seeing what your reps see at stores, keeping track of their routes and timesheets and monitoring all the actions performed.

6. With the VisitBasis mobile retail execution system you can easily manage thousands of retail locations at once and get a complete view of sales process generating analytic reports with just a few clicks of a button.

7. The VisitBasis mobile retail execution software provides customizable order forms to better fit the needs of each customers, and allows take orders very quickly due to fast data entry, barcode product search, must-stock lists and e-signatures.

8. VisitBasis mobile retail execution app’s mapping and scheduling tools are designed to simplify sales territory management and automate recurring visits and tasks by cloning schedule for field reps for any period of time.

9. The VisitBasis mobile retail execution app is a comprehensive mobile data collection solution that is not limited by your order taking needs and allows you to automate merchandising, retail audits, compliance checks, and field marketing intelligence.

VisitBasis comes as a complete solution to field sales, as it is a cloud-based enterprise data collection SaaS software for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field team activities in real-time. It allows field sales operations managers and supervisors to oversee all stages of the outside sales process, from assigning territories, visits and tasks to retrieving up-to-the minute results through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports.

See for yourself how the VisitBasis mobile retail execution app can boost your sales and increase field teams productivity- sign up today

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