How to use mobile merchandising app to make Retail Planogram Compliance easier

The information generated by auditing merchandising in many stores grows exponentially with every SKU added to the product mix. Therefore, retail planogram compliance checks tend to overwhelm category and merchandising managers with data.

But recent developments in technology has brought mobile merchandising app solutions that make it much easier to plan and manage retail planogram compliance checks.

With a mobile merchandising app, smartphones and tablets not only replace the old pen-and-paper method – virtually eliminating cumbersome data transcription – but also become de-facto merchandising auditing tools that provide managers real time access to retail planogram compliance check results.

The quality of information captured with mobile devices is also more relevant than on pen-and-paper: Pictures naturally provide a much more palpable view of store shelves, for instance, than any description could ever do.

VisitBasis is a mobile merchandising app that make retail planogram compliance checks a breeze. It provides managers an easy-to-use setup and management interface that allows them to:

  • Create custom audit forms and checklists,
  • automatically set mandatory tasks for each location,
  • customize must-stock-lists by store or chain,
  • track in real time the location and activities of field reps,
  • run visit reports as soon as the visits are finished.

See how VisitBasis mobile merchandising app can take your retail planogram compliance checks to the next level!

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