How to streamline planogram compliance with a solution for merchandisers

Planogram compliance checks and retail audits take a lot of people and, along with it, exponential amounts of paperwork and transcription effort.

Because of that, solutions for merchandisers have gained a loyal following among CPG companies and their sales and marketing agencies. But in which ways is a solution for merchandisers streamlining planogram compliance checks?

Big data, little effort

Many merchandisers at numerous stores auditing several products generate a gigantic amount of data. Naturally, transcribing and processing this data in order to find specific issues or trends when the data comes as paper forms are laborious and tedious work. Merchandising software allows for data to be captured in digital forms on mobile devices, thereby completely bypassing the transcription stage and delivering data ready to be analyzed.

No more paperwork

The amount of paperwork generated by planogram compliance checks is immense. A solution for merchandisers brings planogram compliance checklists onto mobile devices, which translates into the complete elimination of paperwork from the process.

Real-time results

Due to the long time it takes, and the possibility of mistakes at every type, data transcription used to be the major roadblock in delivering planogram compliance check results to the appropriate stakeholder. With a digital solution for merchandisers, even merchandising and marketing directors in headquarter offices can have instant access to worldwide planogram compliance surveys, thus shortening immensely the time it takes to detect trends and evaluate strategies.

VisitBasis is a comprehensive solution for merchandisers that allows managers to create the digital forms and checklists necessary to properly and quickly evaluate in-store planogram compliance.

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