4 ways to enhance your brand’s appeal with a platform for field marketing

Visuals can make or break a sale in retail: Customers can get turned off by something as simple as sloppy product placement on a shelf or rack, or damaged packaging. Therefore, enforcing brand consistency and merchandising standards is so important in retail.

However, retail auditing needs to change with the seasons and promotions, and checklists must be revised periodically. This is why paper-based merchandisers are a rare find these days – traditional pen-and-paper data collection is not only clumsy, but also difficult to implement and update.

A platform for field marketing not only allows merchandising and category managers to easily update checklists but also opens the door for more consistent implementation and audit of visual category and brand standards in retail through the following:

Increased monitoring: By letting field reps and merchandisers complete checklists on their mobile devices, a platform for field marketing allows much more intensive monitoring.

Up-to-date checklists: A platform for field marketing makes it easy to make mid-season or even mid-campaign checklist adjustments and updates.  

Visual accuracy: The option of capturing photos with a mobile platform for field marketing allows merchandising and brand managers to see exactly what is going on at each retail location.

Faster reaction time: One of the biggest problems with paper forms and checklists is the amount of time it takes for the information to go from the field rep to management. In contrast, implementing a platform for field marketing can grant access to the captured information as soon as the mobile app is synchronized, allowing stakeholders to view and react to mission-critical situations as soon as they are reported.

VisitBasis provides a complete platform for field marketing for product manufacturers, distributors, and agencies alike. VisitBasis allows for easy creation and updating of checklists, as well as straightforward audit scheduling and reporting.

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