Why implementing a field marketing app with GPS tracking is the best way to manage outside teams?

Sales people in general hate supervision. As a career that requires an independent personality from professionals, outside sales attracts people that are naturally wary of extra supervision.

So how come outside sales teams tend to love working with a field marketing app that features GPS tracking?

Well, some would think that the only function of a field marketing app is to monitor GPS positioning throughout the day. However, field rep tracking apps do more than that:  They are a de-facto mobile sales call interface.

With a GPS-tracking field marketing app, such as VisitBasis, outside salespeople can plan their daily visits, optimize their routes in order to save time and mileage, register new prospects, and also report on performed activities.

Taking these extra features of GPS-tracking field marketing app into account, one can see how professionals that value independence will appreciate the freedom from off-hours reporting as well as the extra empowerment that comes with being able to better control their schedule.

VisitBasis is a field marketing app with GPS-tracking features for field reps, designed specifically for businesses that rely on professionals such as outside sales reps, retail auditors, inspectors, etc. VisitBasis offers a straightforward solution for field staff tracking that is easy to implement and use, with no need for IT department assistance.

Want to see how VisitBasis field marketing app with GPS-tracking capabilities works?

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