Address mission-critical situations effectively with in store merchandising software

No product on the store shelf means no sale. These days, it might even mean no customer, since the brand and store alternatives are so numerous and include online shopping. Therefore, more than ever, there needs to be almost an instant reaction to mission-critical situations such as out-of-stocks and damaged shipments.

However, traditional pen-and-paper store audits do not comply with the agility necessary for such situations, since it might take quite a while for the information to go from the rep performing the audit to the person responsible for correcting the issue.

An in store merchandising software is an ideal way to monitor mission-critical situations at stores. With an in store merchandising software solution, businesses are able to:

Learn in real-time about mission-critical situations at stores

In-store mobile data collection with an in store merchandising software solution means that the information collected during the visit is uploaded to the cloud as soon as it is synchronized. This allows managers and other office-based staff to have instant access to reports on mission-critical situations and address them accordingly.

Create a schedule of recurring visits

Issues such as frequent out-of-stocks only happen because of a lack of oversight at the store level. Effective in store merchandising software solutions allow creating a schedule of frequent recurring store audits in order to monitor problem locations or product lines.

By having access to data from several recurring store audits through an in store merchandising software solution, management can easily run reports on such information and detect trends that can be helpful in predicting future out-of-stocks and other issues.

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