3 ways how having an in store audit system will change your retail strategy execution

Mobile technology revolutionized many industries and retail is no exception. Working with an in store audit system is now a welcome reality for sales and marketing agencies, retailers, and manufacturers alike, since they streamline an old-fashioned, cumbersome process.

But how can an in store audit system change retail marketing?

No more clipboard-holding merchandisers roaming the stores

The age of paper in retail marketing is officially over. In store audit system solutions make it easy for reps to perform the in-store activities on mobile devices and therefore are a much better alternative than the messy paper-and-clipboard combination.

Solutions to issues come faster 

Besides being messy, paper is inefficient. When a rep notices an out-of-stock and marks it on his audit form, he will either have to make a call or send an email to notify the office, or someone will have to read through every single store visit report to find the issue. Additionally, the data collected in those forms needs to be transcribed so sales and marketing managers can have access to it. In store audit system solutions automatically make the data available to decision makers in supply chain, sales, and marketing, and allow for a much faster resolution of store-level issues in addition to supplying information critical to strategic decision-making.

More brand consistency

In store audit system solutions allow for better communication with reps. Period. Brand consistency is then improved because, not only can merchandising managers supply detailed documents to retail reps, but the whole system allows for a better feedback from the field, as most in store audit system solutions provide the capability of capturing photos.

VisitBasis was designed by merchandisers, for merchandisers. It is a complete in store audit system that allows you to quickly and easily implement a cost-efficient retail data collection system with no need for technical knowledge.

See for yourself how VisitBasis in store audit system can help with your organization’s merchandising

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