How a merchandising app for retail help businesses go green

Merchandising activities are traditionally natural resource intensive, from the piles of paper necessary to perform numerous daily audits to the amount of fuel used by reps in their daily routes.

Therefore, it is easy to see how a merchandising app for retail can help businesses go green just by virtually eliminating paper usage during audits. But what are other ways in which such apps can help reduce the use of natural resources in merchandising activities?

Here are some examples:

Elimination of data transcription: the most work-intensive part of traditional pen-and-paper audits is actually transcribing the data collected at stores. By eliminating this work- and time-intensive step, a merchandising app for retail helps save power and man-hours.

Route optimization: some merchandising apps for retail can automatically calculate the shortest route for reps’ daily store routes. This will naturally lead to time and fuel savings.

Anytime online report access: another area in the merchandising audit process where there is traditionally an opportunity for reduced paper usage is reporting. By allowing anytime online report access, including for stakeholders not involved in the day-to-day operations such as outside clients or executives, a merchandising app for retail significantly reduces paperwork as well as printing costs and power usage.

VisitBasis is a merchandising app for retail that will help your business go green by providing all the features above along with a straightforward platform for performing custom retail store audits. 

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