How software for field marketing in store revolutionized mobile data collection

Software for field marketing in store has revolutionized the way businesses and field marketing agencies with outside teams work. From sales to in-store merchandising and service professionals, field force automation has done away with paperwork and double data entry errors, as well as brought increased productivity.

But besides straightforward mobile data collection, what are some other benefits of software for field marketing?

Businesses who have adopted such software report the following:

Better accountability with little effort

In addition to actively collecting data, mobile software for field marketing solutions also gather passive information, such as GPS and time stamps. This means that management is able to see where their field personnel are during the day and which activities are being performed at which customers.

Empowering of field professionals

More than data collection, mobile software for field marketing provides a platform for accessing relevant information. For instance, field marketing reps can retrieve new product brochures and past customer call reports without the need to plan visits by printing out materials. Also, specific forms can be designed so field personnel can report on the process of implementation of promotional activities in store.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting is probably the biggest advantage of software for field marketing for businesses since there is virtually no lag time between data collection and reporting, thanks to the elimination of data transcription and processing, and therefore make faster and better strategic decisions.

VisitBasis is an ideal software for field marketing for businesses conducting in-store or in-customer activities such as surveys, product tastings, audits, planogram checks, among others, that require customized forms along with real-time access and analysis of the data being collected.

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