Retail Store Audit Checklist - Excel Can Help

Retail Store Audit Checklist – Excel Can Help

In the world of retail, store audits are an essential tool to help manufacturers, distributors, and agencies ensure that their products are being displayed, marketed, and sold effectively. A retail store audit checklist is a powerful tool that can help you perform thorough and accurate audits. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of …

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What is Mobile Retail Execution?

What is Mobile Retail Execution? 

What is Mobile Retail Execution? A Guide to Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, mobile retail execution has emerged as a powerful tool for retailers and CPG manufacturers to drive sales and enhance the customer experience. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, retail now has the ability to empower …

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Retail audit report example

Retail audit report example

Creating Custom Reports by Product in Google Looker Studio with VisitBasis Data   The VisitBasis integration with Google Looker Studio offers a number of benefits for retail businesses. Some of these benefits include:  Centralized reporting that can pull data from multiple sources into a single, customizable dashboard. Access to real-time data: this is especially useful …

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How to plan retail visits for field team

How to plan retail visits for field team

When planning store visits for their field teams, managers have to follow the system imposed by their retail execution app, sometimes compromising due to a lack of software flexibility. This is why – when faced with the question “how to plan retail visits for field teams” – the developers at VisitBasis took into consideration all …

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Retail execution app

Retail execution app

Why Do Small Agencies Need a Retail Execution App Small and medium marketing agencies are essential to CPG manufacturers and distributors. They are the ones who audit merchandising and promotions at local retailers, in addition to implementing direct advertising to customers as well as other activities. Many small marketing agencies, however, still rely on obsolete …

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Implement store audit software and never have out-of-stocks again

Out-of-stocks are a major problem for any retail business. When a customer comes in looking for a product and it is not in stock, the sale is already lost and, in the process, the customer might convert to another brand or store. But how to shorten the time between an out-of-stock and replenishment or, better yet, how to prevent out-of-stocks to happen in the first place?

How retail audit application solves the issue of delayed reporting

Performing regular retail audits are a necessity for any business with a retail footprint, from CPG manufacturers monitoring brand compliance to convenience stores verifying safety checklists. However, due to delayed reporting, red flags in retail audits can sometimes take a long time to reach the appropriate decision-maker and will easily snowball.

3 ways you can boost CPG sales with a field marketing app

A field marketing app has been the go-to tool for CPG category and marketing managers over the past couple of years for good reason: this kind of apps greatly simplifies the merchandising audit process, as well as reporting on it.

Platform for merchandising: a must for processing retail data

A platform for merchandising turns the rep’s smartphones and tablets into data-collecting devices just by installing an app while also allowing office-based supervisors and managers to customize the forms and checklists the reps will be answering. Moreover, all data collected is automatically stored in the cloud and quantified, leading to up-to-the-minute reports.