Platform for merchandising: a must for processing retail data

A platform for merchandising turns the rep’s smartphones and tablets into data-collecting devices just by installing an app while also allowing office-based supervisors and managers to customize the forms and checklists the reps will be answering. Moreover, all data collected is automatically stored in the cloud and quantified, leading to up-to-the-minute reports. 

Retail audit platform tackles field force tracking and data collection

Mobile technology brought with it the ability to capture data with smartphones and tablets as well as GPS tracking of such devices. It was just a matter of time until retail audit platforms with field force tracking and data collection features started to be developed. But what are the biggest advantages of these types of software?

Platforms for retail execution to check on-shelf availability

Knowing if a product is available at stores is of utmost concern for many managers at CPG companies: from merchandising to retail channel operations and from marketing to finance, many departments have their performance measured by how well revenue grows during a fiscal year. Product shortages or recurring stocking issues, however, can seriously affect revenues, especially because shoppers may switch brands because of these issues.

Retail audit app: a key to planogram compliance

Implementing a retail audit app will provide a sure way to produce effective planogram compliance operations. With a retail audit app, brand and category managers are able to set up country-wide, or even worldwide, retail audit operations right from their offices.

Address mission-critical situations effectively with in store merchandising software

Traditional pen-and-paper store audits do not comply with the agility necessary for such situations, since it might take quite a while for the information to go from the rep performing the audit to the person responsible for correcting the issue. An in store merchandising software is an ideal way to monitor mission-critical situations at stores.