4 ways to enhance your brand’s appeal with a platform for field marketing

Visuals can make or break a sale in retail: Customers can get turned off by something as simple as sloppy product placement on a shelf or rack, or damaged packaging. Therefore, enforcing brand consistency and merchandising standards is so important in retail. A platform for field marketing not only allows merchandising and category managers to easily update checklists but also opens the door for more consistent implementation and audit of visual category and brand standards.

Quicker store audit reports with merchandisers’ mobile app

Store audits are a must-have in any retail business. Many aspects of the store might have to be checked on a regular basis, from merchandising to adherence to corporate standards and safety, so it is mandatory for management to have an efficient auditing system in place. While the inefficiency of traditional store audit checklists is the main reason for the success of merchandisers’ mobile app solutions, their reporting capabilities are why their use have become so quickly widespread.

Prevent fraudulent check-ins by implementing store audit solutions

fraudulent check-ins. The traditional high turnover rates of merchandisers – which undermine trust among work relationships – along with the fact that virtually 100% of their work is done without any supervision, builds the perfect scenario that leads to merchandisers reporting on activities at a certain location when they are actually somewhere else.

Simplify retail planogram checks with an app for retail executions

Retail planogram checklists can be complex for all those involved with the process: From the managers setting up individual store distribution lists to merchandisers filling in information on extensive forms for several products at a time. Having an app for retail executions such as VisitBasis can greatly simplify the retail planogram checklist process.

3 ways how retail audit software can increase accuracy of store audits

Retail store audits are unavoidable. Besides allowing management to verify compliance with corporate standards, audits are a part of preventive control record-keeping requirements and also a way to safeguard businesses against lawsuits. Retail audit software brings many benefits to businesses.

Efficient forms with store audit solution

Mobile forms for retail through SaaS, cloud-based retail audit systems solve many issues with in-store merchandising and shelf audits and also provide basically up-to-the-minute reporting.  

Retail execution platform to defend against shortages

Social distancing measures have generated disruptions in retail inventory and replenishment so it has become increasingly difficult for CPG merchandising and category managers to know whether their products are being properly stocked.